• Kava Kauai
    Kava Kauai

    Kava Kaui, has the highest quality kava kava. We have Fiji Kava and Vanuatu kava available. Take a look at our Kava Honey and Kava Bowls.

  • Kava Kava
    Kava Kava

    We start with the whole root (Absolutely NO stems or leaves) to create our small batches of fresh Yagona (the Fijian name).

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Vanuatu Kava Power

Expect a mild earthy flavor which elicits peaceful introspection

$22.85 Ex Tax: $21.90

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Special Reserve Kava Power

Be surprised by the robust rich flavor and sensual warm tranquility this kava invokes

$46.95 Ex Tax: $46.95

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Experience the clean bright taste of fresh root with an exemplar potency

$75.95 Ex Tax: $75.95

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